Welcome to my site....

I am a creative problem solver who is passionate about using technology to
find new ways to solve problems. I am always looking for ways to hone my
skills and add to my technical and analytical abilities

This site will be the place I record my expriences and learnings as I use the
new technology. I am into anything "open source" and my current focus is
PHP, JQUERY, GIS applications, Data Visualization and Analytics.

I recently completed a GIS certificate and Masters in Applied Mathematics.
Next on the agenda is finding a job that would allows me to use my skills
on interesting and challenging projects....

So now that you happen onto my site... Take a look see and hopefully
you'll find something of interest.....

Tobago Beaches

Welcome to my site....

I've configured Wordpress on my linux box and use it for my thoughts and ideas

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Programming Projects I am working on

Pulling Sain

Welcome to my site....


2012 slideshow below.