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This project uses the following:

1. Twitter's Bootstrap for HTML pages
2. Bootstrap Plugin: bootstrap-select
4. Cartodb's geo-database

Basic Information

There are 3 parts to this project:
1. Landing Sites

This is a map of all the landing sites on the lsland. When you hover over or click on a site (Still to decide which) you see either a pop-up box or be taken to a page with detailed information about the site

2. Today's Catch

This map shows ONLY the landing sites that fishermen have fish caught that day (info entered via the data entry page).
Similar to the landing site, when you hover over or click on the a site you will get either a pop-up or a page with detailed information about the catch

3. Data Entry

Data about each catch will be data entered via a separate page (catchinfo).

4. Misc

I am not a designer so the whole look and feel of the site will change as I show friends and family. The lastest thing I've added was pictures as the background of the index page. When you on click on Home or Catch Of The Day one of six pctures will random as the background