This project came about from an experience I had when visiting the island a year or two ago. I decided to visit the beach
in Castara. Thou I had not driven up "country" in over 20 years I jumped in the car with my wife and mother, "bounced meh starter" and off we went with me thinking this should be a short ride. Well, it was a short ride thanks to the best GPS app one can ever have, my mom!!. The roads have very little signage so the only way you know you're heading in the right direction is by keeping track of the villages you pass thru. Suffice it to say, we had great time, got some breadfruit and fresh fish which we cooked that night.

Reflecting on my experiences driving around the island since then, I thought it would make for a challenging, interesting and useful project creating a map of the roads on the island. Also thought the best way to collect the data is to CROWD SOURCE IT!!! This is where you the reader come in. I need you keep track of the your travels around the island via a gps app on your cell phone and send me the data. I will then use the data to create the polylines which represent the roads on the map.

The next step after collecting the GPS data, is to match the roads to on a name.

If you would like to know more or get invloved, please email at: kchrisj @ (remove the spaces).

Click HERE to see a current version of the map. The map uses incomplete road data from a shape file created by the government and unfortuantely has no meta data.