World Cup Project

NOTE: I no longer use Perl and the opengeo stack. The plan is to redo this project
using OOPs, JQUERY, PHP and postgresql/postGIS. Also, looking at Cartodb to store the data.

The highlight of this project is the use of javascript to make it interactive before the
data is submitted.

World Cup Project

This Project, the basics of which is to use web based tools to track the FIFA's 2010 World Cup,
was conceived as a way for me to develop/sharpen my programming skills by combining the various
things I've learned about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Perl and databases.

My ultimate goal is to diplay the results in a GIS

Project files:


1. wcdataentry.html -- Data Entry Front End
2. worldcupintro.html -- Back End to display database info


1. wcdataentry.js -- Validate that the data being entered


1. -- A Perl Script that passes data to the database


1. JavaScript still allows form submission even when it catches a bad entry
2. Need to decide on the look and feek of the back-end which displays information from the database
3. Need to port data to PostGIS in order to create the GIS